About The Website;

My name is MUHAMMAD AKMAL BIN YAZID a student from FACULTY OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in UiTM CAMPUS REMBAU, NEGERI SEMBILAN and the creator of this website. This website is for assignment purpose only for the subject of IMD311 - INTRODUCTION TO WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT & DESIGN and not the actual website built by UiTM. On this assignment we are required to produce a personal website using NOTEPAD/ NOTEPAD++/ ANY TEXT-BASED AUTHORING TOOL ONLY .The HTML pages should include all the tags that we have learned so far. The completed website MUST contain the followings; Home Page, Biodata, Experience, Education, Family, Gallery and other necessary pages. Each page must have an appropriate page title and statement of responsibility/ownership. while the files must be arranged and named systematically.

Furthermore as for completing this assignment, I wanted to praise the almighty Allah because that given me the chance for successfully finish this assignment on the time. I also thankful to my lecture, MADAM RAZIFAH OTHMAN whose has been given me this opportunity and chances for doing this assignment. Again, I wanted to give my thanks to my lecturer, who has given me a lot of help, like in giving ideas and advices about this assignment. Secondly, I also would like to thank my parents whose been supporting me a lot and hoping for the best for me, and not to forget, all my friends/ classmates whose had also helped me directly or indirectly and give me the cooperation while doing this assignment. I have gladly doing this assignment not only because of the mark but also for increasing my knowledge. Thank you.